Nicholas Kapanen

Police Detective/Scion of Tyr


Preliminary Statistics for review (holy crap, this is a formatting nightmare):

9/9 Legend Points

Strength +2
Dexterity +4/+1 Epic
Stamina +3/+1 Epic

Charisma: +2
Manipulation: +3/+1 Epic
Appearance: +2

Perception: +4/+1 Epic
Intelligence: +2
Wits: +5/+2 Epic

Abilities ((F) denotes favored by godparent)
(F)Academics +2
Athletics +2
Awareness +4
Brawl +1
(F)Command +2
Control (Car) +2
Empathy +2
Fortitude +2
(F)Integrity +4
(F)Investigation +5
Larceny +1
Marksmanship +3
(F)Melee +1
(F)Politics +2
Stealth +2

Courage +4
Loyalty +3
Endurance +2
Expression +1

Willpower +7

Dodge DV +6
Parry DV +3
Join Battle +8

B +4 L +3

Bulletproof Vest
B +2 L +2 A +2

Vigil Brand (Guardian 1 dot)
Aegis (Guardian 2 dot)
Judgment (Justice 1 dot)

Instant Investigator (Wits)
Rabbit Reflexes (Wits)
Subliminal Warning (Perception)
Cat’s Grace (Dexterity)
Takes One to Know One (Manipulation)
Self-Healing (Stamina)

5 Swat Officers (Seasoned Cop Template Followers) 2 dots
Personal Radio (1 purview, Summon followers) 2 dots
Police Badge (1 purview, 1 Enhancement to defense)2 dots
Sig Saur 9mm (4 Enhancements, +1 ACC, +3L Dmg) 4 dots

Bonus Points Spent As Follows
Abilities: 2 on Investigation. 1 on Academics. 2 (for one dot) on Awareness. 1 on Integrity. Birthrights: 1 adding defense enhancement to Police Badge Relic. 5 for Sig Saur pistol. Virtues: 3 to raise Courage by one dot.

Questions About Creation
I wasn’t sure if it would be better for the enhancement to defense on the Police Badge to effect Defense Value or Soak. I didn’t factor it in on either of those two values above. I just included it in the points spent.

Also, do the potential birthrights need a little back story of their own that I furnish, or does that happen with the visitation since that’s when I receive them?


(Character Still Under Development, Please Excuse our Progress)

Name: Nicholas Kapanen


Player Name: Evan Greene

Pantheon: Aesir

Godparent: Tyr

Profession: Police Detective

Status: Active

Location of Residence: Uh, the city where this game is taking place. Probably a cheap apartment in a lower-rent neighborhood, but not the ghetto.

Age: 26

Height: 5’9”

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Attire: Cheap, conservative suits (navy, dark gray, black). Usually with the neck unbuttoned and tie loosened. A light brown trench coat during cold/inclement weather.

Soundtrack: “The Body of an American” The Pogues

Commonly-Known Information
Nicholas Kapanen could always see through the bullshit. As far back as he could remember, he could dig right through facades and cover stories to arrive at the truth of a situation. He figured out Santa and the Easter Bunny weren’t real WAY before most kids did. Some men can use that talent to make millions. Nicholas decided to become a cop.

Nicholas quickly caught the attention of his superiors in the department. Testing off the charts, he became one of the youngest detectives on the force. Still considered a rookie by most on the squad, Nicholas is already finding himself dissapointed by just how much politics plays a part in the running of investigations. He has already rubbed some the wrong way for doing the right thing instead of the easy thing. He’s learned to manouver on the political landscape enough to get his job done right, but at this rate he’ll never build up enough political capital to see any real promotions.

Current Affairs

Rumors and Gossip

Nicholas Kapanen

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