Ruldopho "Rudy" Ramirez IV

High School Student/Scion of Huitzilopochtli


Preliminary Stats (I’m just copying Evan’s format)

Legend: +3 9/9 Legend Points

Calling: Brutal, emotional football player

Attributes: Physical (8):
  • Strength: 5 (Epic +2)
  • Dexterity: 3 (Epic +1)
  • Stamina: 3 (Epic +2)
Social (6):
  • Charisma: 4 (Epic +1)
  • Manipulation: 1
  • Appearance: 4
Mental (4):
  • Perception: 3
  • Intelligence: 3
  • Wit: 1
  • Academics: 1
  • Athletics: 5
  • Awareness: 3
  • Brawl: 4
  • Fortitude: 3
  • Integrity: 3
  • Melee: 4
  • Presence: 3
  • Science: 1
  • Survival: 3
  • Thrown: 3
  • Conviction:1
  • Courage:2
  • Duty:3
  • Loyalty: 3
  • Maguey Sting (Itztli 1 dot)
  • Blessing of Bravery (War 1 dot)
  • Magic (2 dot)
  • * Spell (See below)
  • * Spell (See below)
  • Crushing Grip
  • Holy Rampage
  • Cat’s Grace
  • Self Healing
  • Solipsistic Well-being
  • Never Say Die
  • Back and Chest Tattoo (5 dot power See Below)
  • Sleeve Tattoos (Magic Purview, War Purview, 1 dot power see below)
  • Flint Dagger (Itztli Purview, 1 dot power see below)
  • Guide (3 dot, adoptive mother, a retired scion of Quetzalcoatl)
  • Followers (1 dot, 5x Block Friends)
Bonus points spent:
  • 7 On Back and Chest Tattoo
  • 4 on skills (Athletics, Brawl, Melee)
  • 3 on Guide
  • 1 on followers
Questions: I have a few ideas about the spells and powers I’m for this character. Here they are:
  • Spell: Blood of the Defeated (1 dot). The scion offers the blood of a defeated (and preferably dishonored) opponent to his deity, granting the same benefit as Maguey Sting but without inflicting damage to himself. Usable once per day.
  • Spell: Battle Blood (2 dot). Cost: 1 Legend Point. The scion channels the Aztec God of War and enters into a terrible blood frenzy. He adds one extra dice to each brawl or melee attack made this combat for each enemy he has killed during the combat.
  • Sleeve Tattoo power: “Kali Ma, bitch”: Once per day, for the duration of a combat, the scion can make unarmed attacks inflict lethal damage rather than bashing.
  • Flint Dagger power: “Blood in, blood out”: This dagger can be used to form blood pacts with other characters. Interactions with these characters (defending them, for example) now come under the purview of both the Duty and Loyalty virtues. A single willpower point may be spent to apply the bonus of both virtues to actions that involve those characters.
  • Back and Chest Tattoo: I haven’t really thought of a power for the back and chest tattoo. I was hoping you (Jonesy) could think of something suitably awesome for a 5 dot power during my visitation?

Name: Rudolpho Ramirez IV

Alias: Rudy

Player Name: Patrick McGowan

Pantheon: Atzlanti

Godparent: Huitzilopochtli, Aztec God of War

Profession: High School Student (football player)

Location: Bad part of whichever town we are starting in

Age: 18

Height: 6’3’‘

Weight: 230 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin Color: Brown

Attire: Street clothes are generally overly large white t-shirt over a white wife beater, baggy blue jeans, and black and white vans. No jewelry or ostentatious ornament of any kind (except the tattoos). Everything except the shoes are off-brand.

Soundtrack: “Changes” by Tupac Shakur

Biography: Rudy grew up in the poorest area of town, but he’s always been the king of his neighborhood. Being the strongest, fastest, and toughest in a place that cares only about physicality assured that. He is a very confident person, able to get along with most people without much effort, well liked by his friends, although no one would accuse him of being overly clever. Taken in before his first birthday by his adoptive mother, Juanita Ramirez, he is named after a great grandfather is isn’t related to. He has never known his birth parents, and doesn’t care to. Juanita raised him with the ideals of duty and loyalty to family first, friends second, and everything else a distant third. He has always been an angry youth, frequently reacting with violence at the least provocation, and this has only gotten worse as he matured. In high school, Rudy was able to channel that anger into football, where he excelled as a running back and line backer. On the field he is known for his extreme strength and resilience, but also for his emotional play style and brutality. The only thing holding him back from being a star are those outbursts, prompting his coaches to remark that he would be the perfect player “if only he could get his head in the game.” Although he is not affiliated with a real gang, Rudy and his group of close childhood friends share several characteristics with common street gangs, treating their neighborhood and the people in it as territory to be defended. They have also all been extensively tattooed, although none so much as Rudolpho, symbols of their loyalty to each other and their home.

Ruldopho "Rudy" Ramirez IV

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